Whiting Rooster Hackle Medium Barred Ginger

Whiting Medium Barred Ginger Capes and Saddles

This color ranges from a white feather barred with the lightest medium ginger to a lightest medium ginger barred with the darkest medium ginger. As a general rule this color is best described as a cream colored hackle barred with medium ginger. The barring can range from mostly light color with small ginger barring to a ginger feather with small cream barring and all points in between. All the photos are of the actual cape or saddle we have in stock.

We inspect every Whiting hackle cape & saddle, then size them and then take high-resolution photos in natural light to ensure you are seeing exactly what you are buying. Since from bird to bird the colors may vary (as well as dyed colors) we show all of our in-stock Whiting capes and saddle below for you to chose the exact one that best meets your needs. (Click on a thumbnail image below to see a larger image.)

  • WGGMS-8869 Whiting Farms Gold Grade Midge Saddle Medium Barred Ginger, Ties Sizes 16 to 18
    Price: $164.00
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  • WSGC-8921 Whiting Farms Silver Grade Cape Medium Barred Ginger, Ties Sizes 10 to 20
    Price: $120.00
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