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Orvis – C.F.O.® Reel



In honor of its 50th anniversary, our USA-made click-and-pawl C.F.O. Reel is inspired by renowned fly reel designer Stan Bogdan’s 1971 revival of the timeless, ventilated-port design first patented by Charles Frederick Orvis in 1874. Worthy of display and even more fun to fish, this classic click-and-pawl is an elegantly simple and effective design with the same black frame and spool with silver accents as Bogdan’s 1971 icon. Features an easy left- to right-hand retrieve conversion.

Made with durable, corrosion-resistant type III anodizing. Neoprene reel case included. Spool is not backwards compatible with previous C.F.O. reels.

3.3 oz. 2.73″ reel dia. Line weights 1-3; 10 yards with 5-wt., 20-lb Dacron®.

3.6 oz. 3″ reel dia. Line weights 3-5; 10 yards with 5-wt., 20-lb Dacron®.

4.1 oz. 3.23″ reel dia. Line weights 5-7; 10 yards with 5-wt., 20-lb Dacron®.