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Hareline – 1 Gram Pack Cul De Canard



Cul De Canard (CDC) is a natural material that has it’s fingerprints all over the fly tying world. From early European dries to creative Catskill caddis to Euro style tungsten nymphs, CDC is everywhere! This widespread phenomenon isn’t without reason either, as CDC ties some of the buggiest and fishiest flies out there. The folks at Hareline do a great job at providing a top notch CDC product in a wide range of the most usable colors. Try some out!

  • 1 Gram Packs provide a plethora of usable feathers at a great value
  • Available in the most commonly used fly tying colors
  • Naturally traps bubbles to make your flies look realistic to trout
  • Naturally buoyant due to the CDC feathers close proximity to the floating oil glands of ducks