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JimsFlyCo. – 2 GRAM, Bulk Premium CDC


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It’s no secret that CDC is useful for a WIDE range of fly tying applications. It has incredible floatation properties due to the fine nature of it’s fibers. which trap air, as well as the naturally waterproof oil that accompanies the feathers due to their proximity to the oil glands on ducks that are used by the ducks for the rest of their bodies. Ducks to take the oil from the gland near where CDC (Cul De Canard) feathers reside, and apply it to their whole bodies. This is called preening. Think of it like natural floatant, already applied in a perfect amount to the feathers!

It’s also an added bonus that the natural color of CDC is a beautiful Dark to Light Dun, making it perfect for all sorts of dry flies.

Let’s not forget about the subsurface applications! European style nymphs have been utilizing CDC collars for a long time, and for good reason! The soft and webby fibers are perfect for nymphs. They trap air bubbles and create the appearance of a living bug.

These bags contain 2 grams of high quality CDC. There is lots of premium, long fibered feathers, and very little of the useless junk feathers that often come in CDC bags. Pick some up!!!!